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How to DIY your Wedding

 How to DIY your Wedding

The thought of a DIY wedding may scare many brides.  Before you decide to pay a lot of money for someone else to put your wedding together.  Read this post.

DIY weddings are a lot of fun.  Plus no one else's wedding will look like yours.  It a great way to add personality to your wedding.  Making it hard for anyone to forget.  Give it a try.  You just might surprise yourself.

DIY must haves

Most of these items you will be using can be collected over a few months time.   Plus ask friends and family to help collect these items too.  That way you have plenty to work with.

1.  Cardboard - all sizes.  Including toilet paper tubes You can make large backdrops, paper flower backdrops, centerpieces,  large flower vases, and pillars, photo frames, and more.

2. Glass or plastic jars - These can be used for centerpieces, bridesmaids gifts, food displays, and thank you favors.

3.  Lights -  Christmas light is great to use.  So dig them out of storage, and buy more after Christmas when they are on sale. You can never have to much twinkle at your wedding.

Cardboard -  You will be surprised at everything you can make from cardboard.  Cardboard is sturdy and lightweight.    So even a larger piece would be easily moved from one place to another.

Use cardboard to make large floor flower vases or pillars and backdrops.

Use toilet paper tubes to make thank you favor.  Little candy boxes, or boxes for other little things.  Make you and bridesmaid a bouquet flower stand.  

Flower Stand

Glass and plastic jar - There is much you can do with empty food containers and empty candle jars.  Empty wine bottles.  Use them for centerpieces with paper, ribbons, or paint.  Use them for bridesmaids gift, make special candles, or spa treatment.  And use them for food stands on the food table. Design your own toast glasses too.

Lighting - Like I said you can never have to much twinkle at your wedding.  Use them on and under tables, use behind backdrops to add drama.  Put in glass jars to add sparkle.  Wrap them around an archway.  The choices are endless.

Take a look at some great things I have found using the same ideas.  Feel free to follow my Pinterest boards.  They are full of great DIY wedding ideas.
I do want to take a moment to thank the people that created Pinterest  

It is wonderful to see all the great ideas from great people all over the world.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.

You can find many DIY projects you can copy for your DIY Wedding right here.  Follow me to stay up to date.  Subscribe to get them right in your inbox for easy access.

By: Tina R. Ward


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