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Be My Valentine, a gift to yourself.

Be My Valentine, a gift to yourself.

Valentine's gift for yourself.
With Valentine's Day so close I want to remind everyone it isn't just a day for couples to show their love for each other.  It is also a day show yourself some love.  Weather you will be getting ready for a big date.  Or just need some pamper time just for you.  Or what about your girlfriends they could use it too.

Today I will sharing simply DIY Spa recipes that are wonderful.  Just using things you have in your kitchen.  This would be a great way to show your girlfriends how much they mean rto you.  On a low budget.  We all need a little pamper time.

Lip Scrub.
This time of year, everyone's lips are chapped
and cracked from the cold weather. 
This easy recipe will turn your lips kissable

Any small container that can be sealed tight.
This tiny mason jar came from 
moonshine tasting in Gatlinburg. Tn.

A small bowl.
3 to 4 tbls  brown sugar
 1 to 2 tsp coconut oil. Liquid.
or use a cooking oil.
1 tsp of cinnamon.

Ass all brown sugar, and cinnamon mix together
Add coconut oil a little at a time. You don't 
want to drain it oil.  Just make it all moist.
Place in air tight container.

This will keep for a couple of months.  Since you only
use about a finger tip amount at a time.
Note:  The liquid coconut oil taste 
much better then cooking oil.
But both will soften lips.

Detox Bath

Everyone should take a detox bath at least 
once a month.  With all the pollution around us all.

Do not use if you are on blood meds.

Medium size bowl
2 cups Epson salts.
1 cup baking soda
1/2 pack of dried milk.
1/2 cup cornstarch

blend together, and place in a air tight
container.  I used an empty salsa jar.
A jar that size does one large tub full of 
very hot water.
Do not sit in bath for more the 20 mins.
This mix detox your body, plus soften your skin.

Coffee Srcub
Coffee Scrub.

Coffee Scrub
Yes, this one looks really nasty. But I promise the results
are worth the mess.

Air tight container to store it in.
2 cups used coffee grounds.
2 cups epson salt or sugar.
1/2 pack of dried milk.
3 tbsp of cinnamon 
Coconut oil, or cooking oil.

Mix everything but the oil, until mixed well.
Slowly add coconut oil.  You don't want to soak it.  Just 
enough to make it moist with the oil.

Note: Coconut lisquid oil works best.
Plus smell much better then cooking oil.
But they both will work.

How to apply.
Once you have your body wet in a shower.  Turn off the 
water.  And grab a handful of your coffee mix,  and scrub 
your body like using wash cloth.  Avoiding private areas.
Once you have scrubbed your whole body.  Rinse off.
Be mindful the floor will be very slick so be careful.
Then clean as normal.
You will notice once you get out of the shower your skin
will not peel up whenyou dry off with the tower.
Plus it is like your whole body takes a deep
breath when step out.  This exfoliates your skin.
and leaves it silky smooth for days.

These are very easy to make and are all natural.  Make some for yourself, or for you gall pals.

When giving as a gift.  Just decorate the contaners to add a personal touch.  

Happy Valentine's to everyone from 

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